In Memory Of…


Rock a Little

1985 thru 2018

Fleetwood Mac Moon

Each time you see
a Fleetwood Mac moon,
miss me…

When the clouds creep
their long smokey hands
across that golden glow,
think of your hands
landing softly
on my swaying hips
as I danced circles
of protection and blessing
around you.

Pull back your curtain
when sleep evades you
as I pull back my velvet.

Look up, up
at the Fleetwood Mac moon
rising slowly against
the backdrop of bare trees.

Dream of black lace
and one who laughed too much,
of one who exasperated you.

Think of the life and passion
of pirates and gypsies
who may be penniless,
nonetheless, they are rich
in love and music and art…
vagabonds who always obey
the call of the Sea.

Know that this
could have been
our life for the taking.

Maybe nothing
could have settled contentment
in the chambers of your heart,
but this gypsy
would’ve finally been home–
with you
or alone.

(Fleetwood Mac- Dreams) 




1961 thru 2018

Radiant Flames

The shifting currents 
shoulder the cerebral coast, 
sending sediment 
through your brain.
Instinctively the mind wakes 
more quickly to agony,
than a star-shaped heart 
radiant with flames.

Brushing silica
from your fingers…
Scars of persuasion
like a violent storm.
The darkened skies
behind your lidded eyes
wild with wind
and beautifully formed.

This field wields it’s bouquet:
hypnotic, exotic and consuming.
Our bodies tossed on thick moss,
surrender in kudzu,
soaked with sweat.
Too late to understand,
fate was in our hands.

Jocelyn Vaughan/ Ed Bonner



Gill Blaze

1962 thru 2017

in order to write – she wears orion’s belt

departing her body
has always been an easy task
when she needs to timetravel
through the night-time’s gaze
in wonderment, she climbs
onto orion’s belt
believing all she sees
seeking her way home

heading towards the east
her goddess diana joins her
with lilith riding high
on thin air and adrenaline,
every geminid trail leading
the pathway to his symbiotic call

zeus could turn off every star
every elemental being
bruised and blacked-out,
even the horizon
could rise and fall –
if the skies turned inside out
shrouding themselves from
brightlight, birthright

she would still find him
her north star