Spotlight Poet March 2018…


 Dan Noble, age 49
from Ontario Canada
On we know Dan as Dayenoble

Dan is a CNC machinist his education includes college for the trades and some university as an english major. he started writing poetry at the age of 17 and says that he became hooked on writing poetry when his first true love wrote a poem for him.

Dan joined the LNP group in late 2016 and first called the LNP radio shows at the end of April 2017. He says “I will never forget that, with Cheryl and Andi, they highlighted my poetry and I will be forever grateful.”

Dan describes the LNP poets as “a great group of friends that share laughter and poetry”
he says his most valuable experience in the LNP group has been being part of the scene every Thursday.

Dan was published in his university newspaper where he was editor of the arts section for a couple of years, he is not currently seeking publication

When asked what is something few people know about you Dan said I don’t keep secrets, I’m an open book.”

Dan’s favorite authors are
Phillip K Dick and Brian K Vaughan 

His favorite poets are:
Archibald Lampman, William Blake and Percy B Shelley

His favorite poems are:
Mutubility by Percy B Shelley

Prospice by Robert Browning

The Fly by William Blake

Dan says if he could meet any two poets it would be

Pam Ray and Iff UR Abs 

His favorite musicians are Joy Division and Hazel English

His favorite websites to visit are
YouTube (for music)

Dan’s hobbies and interests include, fishing, sewing and rock collecting

His favorite quote:
“Let nature deal with matter which is her own, as she pleases, let us be cheerful and brave in the face of everything, reflecting that it is nothing of our own that parishes”~ Seneca