Spotlight Poet October, 2018

gold lips

Our featured poet of the month is Jean Fitzpatrick,
known on AllPoetry as Fillmyeyes. Her AP name came from a Cat Stevens music book: “I saw it and it has been my name for just shy of 20 years.”
Jean is from Pennsylvania, where she graduated from high school and worked in the health care industry for over 30 years.

She is a fifty-six year old Mother of two grown children and a Grandmother to a seven year old boy who she describes as “the love of my life.”
Jean began writing when she was eighteen years of age and “in love.” However, her talent for poetry showed itself in third grade when she won a prize for best simile, “She was as pretty as a Spring day.”

She is currently involved full-time with Late Night Poets group and the blog talk radio programs she produces that run daily, as well as editing a two volume LNP members anthology. Jean founded Late Night Poets around 2013 with the hope of creating an active, respectful community, free of ignorance and abuse. “My most valuable experience in the LNP group was watching this group of like minded individuals form and flourish.  Seeing how we all can learn from one another…”

Favorite authors include Dean Koontz, author of “Watchers” and J.R.R.Tolkien, author of “The Hobbit” & “Lord of The Rings”

Favorite poets include Rumi, Neruda and Maya Angelou and favorite poems are

Afterwards” by Pablo Neruda

My decision encountered your dream
and from the rupture
that was breaking our hearts
we came forth clean again, naked,
loving each other
without dream, without sand,
complete and radiant
sealed by fire

Be With Those Who Help Your Being by Rumi

Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

Her favorite musician is Cat Stevens

Her favorite websites to visit are
Allpoetry, Facebook “Pool”, Amazon and LNP Blog

Her favorite quote is “Build it and they will come”, From the movie Field of Dreams

A secret vice of our LNP momma bear is shooting online pool, slowly becoming a dangerous opponent.

“I enjoy poetry and the Late Night Poets and I have watched all of this grow from just a small seed of thought. The Group, “Beyond Compare” .. The Newsletters, The Anthology, The Blog and  last but not least. The Radio… I am so proud of every part of it and Thanks to each of you for your part in it all …

A special Thank you to Laurent yvan for all the challenges he has given me as well as the smiles… ”
“Je t’aime mon amour”