Spotlight Poet November 2018…


Our featured poet of the month is Haunted Memories.
Haunted (who prefers to keep his real name a secret) grew up and graduated from high school in the South East side of Detroit Michigan. He now lives in Virginia, is a USMC reserve and chief estimator for a mechanical contractor.
He first started to write poetry when he was about to turn eight years of age. He credits his Father for being his influence to start writing, saying “my dad loved to read my inks.”

He has been published in the Detroit free press and Mechanicsville local. He is not currently seeking publication but will be in the LNP Anthology Volume 2.

Haunted first joined the Late Night Poets group fifteen months ago. He has not yet called into the shows and prefers not to, saying “if I give voice to my words the mystery disappears into the wind.” He has however, given others permission to read his ink and says they have done an awesome job at it.
He describes the LNP poets as “a pool of talent from all corners of mother earth who can lean on each other for laughter, understanding and support, all in all a great bunch of people.” He says his most valuable experience in LNP has been the friendship and support he has received.

Haunted says he loves songs with great lyrics and listens mostly to classic country but his favorite band is Guns and Roses and he will never turn off Meatloaf.
He enjoys being outdoors, saying “I have a deep love for the mountains and can easily lose all my worries walking and sleeping with mother nature.”

His favorite websites to visit are, Google news and YouTube  Haunted doesn’t read novels but absolutely loves Shel Silverstein.

His three favorite poets are Shel Silverstein,  Red Sovine  and “his evil twin” Guilty

The two poets Haunted would like to meet are 
Guilty and Raven Blackrose

His three favorite poems are

The Unicorn by Shel Silverstein

Billy’s Christmas wish by Red Sovine

Just a Fairytale by Guilty

Haunted says he is always involved with something: current non-poetry projects include yard work, splitting wood and fishing. His favorite quote, from his beer mug poetry is “Learn to love what you have in life before life teaches you to love what you have lost.”

Something that few people know about Haunted is that he sings like Kenny Rodgers and will often do so when there’s karaoke and for as long as he can remember has only had only two wishes every Christmas: world peace and health and happiness for his family.
Haunted says of himself “I am a simple, humble man who can either be your best friend or your worst enemy, the choice is yours.

2 thoughts on “Spotlight Poet November 2018…”

  1. Raven BlackRose said:

    Let me be the first to congratulate you on being November’s Spotlight Poet luv.




  2. Kat Alley said:

    Kenny Rodgers?? Oh this I have to hear. Haunted, you are my hero have been for many years now – You and Guilty have been there for me – even when I disappear. Marine you have talent instead of blood – Raven knew what she was doing – Nothing but love


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