Spotlight Poet… July 2018



Our featured poet of the month is the well-known AP poet Ice Brat, also affectionately called Donna. Donna is retired military and lives in Seattle Washington, having spent the majority of her childhood in Biloxi Mississippi. Her high school and college years were spent in Hampton, New York.  After college she joined the U.S. Air force and did a great deal of traveling. Her post high school education includes a BA in English (writing and literature) with a minor in psychology. She also obtained an Associate degree in business management and a technical degree in visual imagery and intrusion detection systems. She had taken a twenty year break from writing, saying she first started writing as a teenager and that what first drew her to writing poetry was the love, flow and feeling expressed in poems.
Donna joined LNP in February 2017, She has not called into radio shows but has enjoyed listening many times. She describes LNP poets as friendly and well written, saying, their words just wow me. Her most valuable experience in LNP has been meeting so many great writers and friends. Donna has not been published, she is currently seeking publication but is not sure how to go about the process.  Her favorite authors are Mark Twain and J.K. Rowling,favorite poets are Maya Angelou, Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath.    Her favorite poems are “Do not go gentle into that good night, I know why the caged bird sings and I’m nobody who are you.   Donna’s favorite musicians are Christina Perri, Karimina and Green day.  Her favorite websites to visit are Facebook, and She enjoys spending time with her kids. Her other interests include reading, ancestry research, writing, reading and history. She is currently trying to write a young adult science fiction novel. Her favorite quote is “is this reality or all in my head” ~ unknown. Something few people know is that outside of allpoetry she is often considered cold and has a tendency to keep emotions inward and an expressionless smirk on her face. Donna says of herself, “I am who I am, I appreciate the kindness shown here to me and my bleeding dark words. I am so lost sometimes I don’t even know where I am, from an adult dark emo.”