Spotlight Poet…May 2018


Our Spotlight Poet for May is Janet Boston,

who we all know as JaboUK.

Janet received a good education in school, but was drawn to pursue a

career with horses, leaving school as soon as she was able at age 16.

She became a trainer, “taming” horses which is the correct term, as

opposed to “breaking” horses which according to Janet is a misnomer.


Janet says she started penning poetry at the age of seventy four,

inspired to write when visiting a  site where people were writing poems

for National Poetry Month. As a result of the experience,

Janet decided to have a go at writing poetry herself,

something we are all very glad of!!


She joined the Late Night Poets group approximately a year ago.

She says “the LNP poets are very erudite but the main thing is

they are fun.

Her most valuable experiences in LNP has been matching voices to

names, getting more exposure for her poetry and making friends.

Janet is not published and says she has no aspirations to be published at this time.

Somethings that not many people know about Janet are, she did not

touch a computer until just five years ago at the age of seventy three

and only did so at the instigation of her oldest daughter, she had never

typed and uses just two fingers when typing.

Also Janet was very sporty when younger, She played net ball for her

county, was on a gymnastics display team, a good swimmer, a cross

country runner and rode horseback daily.


Some of Jabo’s favorite musicians are

The Dubliners and Raymond Froggat. 


A Couple of Janet’s favorite authors are

Maeve Binchy and Kathy Reich’s


Some of her favorite poets are

A.E. Housman,  Robert Service  


 Banjo Paterson. 

A Few of Jabo’s favorite poems are

The Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam by Edward Fitzgerald,

The Shooting of Dan McGrew by Robert Service


To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell

A couple poets that Janet would like to meet are:

 Lord Byron and Rudyard Kipling.  

When she’s not on Allpoetry other websites she likes to visit are

FreeJigsawPuzzles, DoubledownCasinos and MyLot


One of Janet’s favorite hobbies is gardening

Janet has won many prizes for her garden.

Jabo’s  favorite quote is

“A man’s reach should exceed his grasp or what’s a heaven for.”

Robert Browning.