Spotlight Poet…April, 2018


Laurent Gurewitch… Known as Laurent Yvan on AllPoetry 
Laurent is retired

A sampling of Laurent’s  poetry can also be found on Late Night Poets Blog
He attended North Country Community College in Saranac Lake NY   State University College  in Geneseo NY.

Laurent wrote some poetry as a teenager and then started again approximately a year ago.
He says his inspiration for starting to write poetry was reading Dylan Thomas
Laurent is published in the anthology Grey Dawn  and is currently seeking publication in the upcoming LNP anthology.
Laurent first joined the LNP group and called the LNP radio shows in November 2017
He describes the LNP poets as “a positive active group dedicated towards poetry.”
His most valuable experience in the LNP group has been meeting other poets who are unique individuals.
Laurent’s favorite authors are Lee Child and JRR Tolkien,
His favorite poets are Dylan Thomas, Pablo Neruda and Walt Whitman

His three favorite poems are “Under Milkwood

Untitled Vladimir Nabokov

(“when he was small and when he would fall)

Vladimir Nabokov

“When he was small, when he would fall,
on sand or carpet he would lie
quite flat and still until he knew
what he would do: get up or cry.

After the battle, flat and still
upon a hillside now he lies-
but there is nothing to decide,
for he can neither cry nor rise”


and any poem From the Archy and Mehitable series by Don Marquis

If Laurent could meet any poet living or dead

it would be… Walt Whitman

His two favorite bands are The Beatles and Pink Floyd,

His 5 favorite websites to visit are

A current non-poetry project that Laurent is working on is making a wooden inlay box for coins.

His favorite quote is “There is no such thing as a free lunch”~Robert Heinlein.

Few people know that Laurent collects rare coins along with  rare book collecting and working with wood.

Laurent is an avid reader, has enjoyed playing golf in the past