Spotlight Poet May 2019…

Our spotlight poet this month is Pamela Ray, aka Pam Ray aka “dungeon mistress”. This last sobriquet is a reference to her position in the LNP chat room as the dulcet enforcer of manners and custom, a position at which she excels.

Pam was born in Cleveland, Ohio, spending most of her childhood in Minong, Wisconsin. She graduated high school in nearby Superior, and now makes her home in Spooner, Wisconsin with her four children.

Other than her children, Pam’s main interests lie in the field of poetry, a literary discipline which has no clear beginnings for her. Mid-2016 had Pam make her first phone calls to LNP radio, soon after which she became a regular caller and subsequently a host. She finds that LNP poets are a caring, diverse, and talented group. Pam has had a number of her poems published in LNP anthologies but is not actively seeking publication at this time.

Refusing to pigeonhole any particular author/poet or music as her favorite, she prefers to sample a wide diversity, enjoying the full panoply of cultural offerings available.

Favorite websites include Allpoetry, Facebook, YouTube, rhymezone, and brainyquotes.

Pam’s four children keep her busy, and between hours spent raising a family; cleaning, cooking, and doing laundry, Pam spends an amazing amount of time supporting LNP radio and hosting shows which lives her time for…sleep. Now, Pam discribes herself as a “very boring person”, but those of you familiar with her poetry know the strength and uniqueness of her writing, the ability to write on a multiverse of topics, and the grit and spunk to back up the words with a strength of presentation that makes her a radio tour de force.