Spotlight Poet January 2018


Given Name:  Keith

Age:  34

Occupation:  Trucker

We know Keith as Silk Blackrose on Allpoetry

He was born in New Mexico & spent the majority of his childhood in Ohio and Texas.
Silk completed High School, and also took some computer courses after his graduation.

Keith was drawn to music lyrics, stories and he says “poetry is magical”

He has been a regular in the Late Night Poets chat since August 2016
and feels that the LNP poets are a supportive family.
Silk says his most valuable experience in LNP has been
getting exposed to new forms of poetry and the veteran poets
who help him to push his boundaries

Keith first called into the LNP Radio shows in August 2016
and feels it is a great group of poets, all trying to improve their craft
and supporting one another. He feels he has learned and grown quite a lot since joining in and participating in the shows

Silk has been published in two Allpoetry anthologies

Grey Dawn and Rewrite Sunlight
He’s not actively seeking publication at this time but is open to the idea.

Few people know that Silk enjoys cooking and hopes to go to culinary school someday.

Currently he is learning to speak Spanish

Favorite Quote:

“A woman’s heart is a labyrinth and even she knows not the way.”

Favorite Author:

Robert Jordan

His Favorite Poet:

Edgar Alan Poe

His Favorite Poems:

Savage Sculpture by Pam Ray

Tower of Naught by Robert M…

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

To Drink by Lady Joy

Ghost by Emilie Autumn

Silk’s hobbies and interests include

Listening to music and audio books

computers and video games

role playing

Going to shooting ranges

Attending renaissance fairs

Favorite Music:

Marilyn Manson

Rolling Stones

Pink Floyd


Favorite Movie: 



Favorite Place To Vacation:

Key west Florida

Websites Most Frequented:

1)  YouTube

2)  Allpoetry

3)  Steam

4)  Google

Keith describes himself as a laid back person that values family.
He enjoys deep meaningful conversations, getting out in nature, fishing, golf and slow dancing.