Spotlight Poets March 2019


Our featured poet of the month is is Pamela A Wyman

we know Pamela as Sweet P on Allpoetry.

Sweet P was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio.

She has lived in Denver Colorado for the last 30 years.

She received a bachelors degree in business management,

a masters in organizational management,

minored on ancient religions and received a certificate in employment law.

She works as a private human resource consultant, for employment law and employee relations.

Sweet P started writing poetry at eight years old when she won an award presented to her by the mayor of Cleveland on a poem she wrote about why America should vote.
When asked who or what inspired her to start writing poetry, she responded “I am not sure, maybe my love of books, the poems I read or heard as a young child. Writing or imagining stories has always been a part of who I am. I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t writing in a diary or journal. My mom loved talking about my imagination, I was only five years old telling stories about the aliens that lived in the street lights on long rides in the car. I can see or hear something and words flood my mind, the colors, the smells all build a relationship, sometimes in moments and sometimes it takes years. I am not sure if it is a blessing or a curse, but my inspiration comes from reality, imagination and every realm in between.”

Sweet P Joined LNP October 2017
She says… about the first time she called into the shows
“I am not sure of the date but I know it was a poem about women picking up men for a one night stand, and the double standard morals. I discussed how if the poem was about a man there would be no discussion at all. Laurent and Wolf were the two gentlemen on the call.”

She describes the LNP poets as a mixed bowl of nuts, salty, sweet, crunchy, with a few twisted pretzels thrown in for fun Sweet P has poems published in A Rainbow Anthology and Late Night Poets Anthology at this time she is thinking about publishing a selection of her poems.

Her favorite poets are Paul Laurence Dunbar, Emily Dickinson and Erma Bombeck. Her favorite poems are I Loved you enough to say no by Erma Bombeck, We wear the mask by Paul Laurence Dunbar and Wild Night, Wild Night by Emily Dickinson.

Her favorite authors are Stephen King and Mark Twain. If Sweet P could meet any two poets it would be Mark Twain and Erma Bombeck

When asked about her favorite bands or musicians, Sweet P says, “I do not have a favorite band or musician, my taste in music runs from classical to the hardest of rock, it all depends on my mood.”

Her hobbies and interests include the sport of disc dogs, teenagers in crisis and Women Against Violence.
A current non-poetry project she is working on is planning the 2019 disc dog season that runs from May through October.
Her favorite websites are , Business Balls , Allpoetry and Word Hippo.

Something few people know about Sweet P is that she had gone swimming with little to no clothes in several bodies of water around the world.

Be bold enough to be yourself~ Pamela Wyman